Special issues


A century of Milankovic’s theory of climate changes: achievements and challenges (NPG/CP inter-journal SI), 2021
Eds. Jürgen Kurths, Marie-France Loutre, Cedo Maksimovic, Fedor Mesinger, Denis-Didier Rousseau, and Daniel Schertzer
AICC2012: a new ice core chronology, 2012
Eds. E. Wolff, F. Parrenin, E. Brook, and T. van Ommen
Advances in understanding and applying speleothem climate proxies, 2012
Eds. A. Mangini, C. Spötl, S. Frisia, G. Lohmann, E. Wolff, and D. Fleitmann
Advances in understanding the Quaternary carbon cycle, 2010
Eds. J. Singarayer, A. Ridgwell, H. Fischer, and E. Wolff


Characterization of climatic variability in the Iberian Peninsula during the last centuries, 2010
Eds. F. Domínguez-Castro, D. Wheeler, V. Rath, and P. Ziveri
Climate change and human impact in Central and South America over the last 2000 years, 2015
Eds. C. Gonzalez Arango, M. Grosjean, T. Kiefer, J. Martinez, and R. Villalba
Climate change: from the geological past to the uncertain future – a symposium honouring André Berger, 2008
Eds. M. Crucifix, M. F. Loutre, M. Claussen, G. Ganssen, D.-D. Rousseau, E. Wolff, and J. Guiot
Climate of the past 2000 years: regional and trans-regional syntheses, 2016
Eds. H. V. McGregor, P. Francus, N. Abram, M. N. Evans, H. Goosse, L. von Gunten, D. Kaufman, H. Linderholm, M. F. Loutre, R. Neukom, and C. Turney
Climate variations in South America over the last 2000 years, 2012
Eds. M. H. Masiokas, D. Christie, M. Grosjean, A. Rivera, R. Villalba, and T. Kiefer
Climate–carbon–cryosphere interactions in the East Siberian Arctic Ocean: past, present and future (TC/BG/CP/OS inter-journal SI), 2016
Eds. M. Jakobsson, C. Barbante, and T. Cronin
Climatic and biotic events of the Paleogene, 2015
Eds. G. R. Dickens, V. Luciani, and A. Sluijs


Data/model interactions: the biological perspective of understanding past global changes, 2009
Eds. D.-D. Rousseau, J. Guiot, R. Bonnefille, and H. Goosse


“Global Challenges for our Common Future: a paleoscience perspective” – PAGES Young Scientists Meeting 2017, 2018
Eds. M.F. Loutre, M.N. Evans, S. C. Fritz, C. Tabor, H. Plumpton, R. Barnett, Y. Zhang, E. Razanatsoa, and E. Dearing Crampton Flood


Holocene changes in environment and climate in the central Mediterranean as reflected by lake and marine records, 2012
Eds. M. Magny, N. Combourieu Nebout, D.-D. Rousseau, and M.-F. Loutre
Holocene climate variability over Scandinavia, 2009
Eds. H. Renssen, A. Moberg, K. Holmgren, H. Sundqvist, and Q. Zhang
Human–land–sea interactions in the Mediterranean Basin: a Holocene perspective, 2015
Eds. M.-A. Sicre, J. Guiot, L. Carozza, N. Combourieu Nebout, B. Martrat, and M.-F. Loutre


Ice core science at the three poles (CP/TC inter-journal SI), 2023
Eds. Denis-Didier Rousseau, Margit Schwikowski, Hubertus Fischer, Anja Eichler, Ed Brook, Emilie Capron, Alexey Ekaykin, Paolo Gabrielli, Kumiko Goto-Azuma, Mathieu Casado, Alexis Lamothe, Tas van Ommen, Christine S. Hvidberg, Barbara Stenni, Nozomu Takeuchi, Elizabeth Thomas, and Jay Johnson
Icy landscapes of the past (CP/ESSD/ESurf/TC inter-journal SI), 2023
Eds. Irina Rogozhina, Arjen Stroeven, Achim Beylich, Lev Tarasov, Yusuke Suganuma, Nicole Schaffer, Matthias Prange, Atle Nesje, Ken Mankoff, Neil Glasser, Pepijn Bakker, and Marisa Montoya
Initial results from lake El'gygytgyn, western Beringia: first time-continuous Pliocene-Pleistocene terrestrial record from the Arctic, 2012
Eds. J. Brigham-Grette, M. Melles, P. Minyuk, B. Wagner, T. Cook, and D.-D. Rousseau
Integrated analysis of interglacial climate dynamics, 2013
Eds. M. Schulz, A. Paul, H. Fischer, U. Herzschuh, and H. Goosse
Interdisciplinary studies of volcanic impacts on climate and society, 2020
Eds. Matthew Toohey, Kevin Anchukaitis, Allegra N. LeGrande, Francis Ludlow, Michael Sigl, Célin Vidal, and Jürg Luterbacher
International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) Second Open Science Conference (CP/TC inter-journal SI), 2016
Eds. E. Wolff, M. R. van den Broeke, B. Stenni, E. Brook, K. Goto-Azuma, S. Hou, T. van Ommen, C. Ritz, and C. Barbante
International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS): 2012 First Open Science Conference (CP/TC inter-journal SI), 2013
Eds. C. Barbante, K. Kawamura, A.N. LeGrande, G. Winckler, J. Chappellaz, E. Wolff, M. Albert, R. Greve, E. Isaksson, and M. Van den Broeke
International methods and comparisons in climate reconstruction and impacts from archives of societies, 2020
Eds. Sam White, Qing Pei, Andrea Kiss, Rudolf Brazdil, Martin Bauch, Heli Huhtamaa, and Chantal Camenisch


Low oxygen in marine environments from the Cretaceous to the present ocean: driving mechanisms, impact, recovery (BG/CP inter-journal SI), 2012
Eds. C. P. Slomp, H. Brinkhuis, B. Dewitte, and A. Paulmier


Marine Isotope Stage 11, 2008
Eds. C. Tzedakis, J. McManus, and E. Wolff
Millennial-scale variability in the American tropics and subtropics, 2015
Eds. D. Urrego, M. Power, J. P. Bernal, and T. Kiefer
Modelling late Quaternary climate, 2006
Eds. J. Hargreaves, N. Weber, P. Braconnot, and J. Guiot


Oldest Ice: finding and interpreting climate proxies in ice older than 700 000 years (TC/CP/ESSD inter-journal SI), 2013
Eds. CP editors | Coordinator: M.-F. Loutre


Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project phase 4 (PMIP4) (CP/GMD inter-journal SI), 2016
Eds. M. Kageyama, S. Harrison, J. H. Jungclaus, B. L. Otto-Bliesner, M. F. Loutre, A. Schmittner, P. DiNezio, and J. Emile-Geay,
Paleoclimate data synthesis and analysis of associated uncertainty (BG/CP/ESSD inter-journal SI), 2017
Eds. A. Paul, C. Ohlwein, and L. Jonkers
Paleoclimate, environmental sustainability and our future, 2006
Eds. J. Brigham-Grette, T. Kiefer, P. Wang, and H. Wanner
Paleoclimate, from observing modern processes to reconstructing the past: a tribute to Dick (Dirk) Kroon, 2023
Eds. Gerald M. Ganssen, Simon Jung, Rebecca Rendle-Bühring, and Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz
Past environmental and climatic stress during modern human's dispersal, 2012
Eds. F. Viehberg, F. Schäbitz, K. Reicherter, J. M. Le Tensorer, and D.-D. Rousseau
Past vegetation dynamics and their role in past climate changes, 2023
Eds. Manuel Chevalier, Anne Dallmeyer, Ulrike Herzschuh, Thomas Hickler, S. Yoshi Maezumi, and Martin Claussen
PlioMIP Phase 2: experimental design, implementation and scientific results, 2016
Eds. A. M. Haywood, A. Dolan, and W.-L. Chan
Progress in paleoclimate modelling, 2012
Eds. M. Kageyama, C. Brierley, M. Crucifix, J. C. Hargreaves, A. Paul, and G. Ramstein


Reconstructing Southern Ocean sea-ice dynamics on glacial-to-historical timescales, 2020
Eds. Karen Kohfeld, Xavier Crosta, Alice Marzocchi, Juliane Müller, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Laurie Menviel, and Bjørg Risebrobakken
Retrospective views on our planet's future – PAGES Open Science Meeting 2009, 2010
Eds. T. Kiefer, B. L. Otto-Bliesner , C. Whitlock, and E. Wolff



The 4.2 ka BP climatic event, 2018
Eds. D.-D. Rousseau, G. Zanchetta, H. Weiss, M. Bini, and R.S. Bradley
The Camp Century ice and sediment core: new science from a 1966 core that touched the base of the Greenland ice sheet (CP/TC inter-journal SI), 2024
Eds. Paul Bierman, Jean-Louis Tison, Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson, and Denis-Didier Rousseau
The EPICA (EDC and EDML) ice cores age scales, 2007
Eds. T. Van Ommen, E. Wolff, and F. Parrenin
The East Asian Monsoon: past, present and future, 2008
Eds. A. Berger, P. Braconnot, Z. Guo, D.-D. Rousseau, and R. Tada
The Past: A Compass for Future Earth – PAGES Young Scientists Meeting 2013, 2014
Eds. G. Chen, A.-L. Daniau, M. E. de Porras, A. Elmore, K. Mills, R. Saraswat, S. Phipps, A. Reyes, and T. Kiefer


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