Paleoclimate, environmental sustainability and our future
Paleoclimate, environmental sustainability and our future
Editor(s): J. Brigham-Grette, T. Kiefer, P. Wang, and H. Wanner

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06 Aug 2007
Detecting human impacts on the flora, fauna, and summer monsoon of Pleistocene Australia
G. H. Miller, J. W. Magee, M. L. Fogel, and M. K. Gagan
Clim. Past, 3, 463–473,,, 2007
11 May 2007
Agricultural sustainability in the semi-arid Near East
F. Hole
Clim. Past, 3, 193–203,,, 2007
22 Feb 2007
Multiproxy records of climate variability for Kamchatka for the past 400 years
O. Solomina, G. Wiles, T. Shiraiwa, and R. D'Arrigo
Clim. Past, 3, 119–128,,, 2007
07 Feb 2007
Low-frequency oscillations of the Atlantic Ocean meridional overturning circulation in a coupled climate model
M. Schulz, M. Prange, and A. Klocker
Clim. Past, 3, 97–107,,, 2007
21 Nov 2006
Climate-human-environment interactions: resolving our past
J. A. Dearing
Clim. Past, 2, 187–203,,, 2006
26 Oct 2006
Inter-hemispheric linkages in climate change: paleo-perspectives for future climate change
J. Shulmeister, D. T. Rodbell, M. K. Gagan, and G. O. Seltzer
Clim. Past, 2, 167–185,,, 2006
26 Oct 2006
Past temperature reconstructions from deep ice cores: relevance for future climate change
V. Masson-Delmotte, G. Dreyfus, P. Braconnot, S. Johnsen, J. Jouzel, M. Kageyama, A. Landais, M.-F. Loutre, J. Nouet, F. Parrenin, D. Raynaud, B. Stenni, and E. Tuenter
Clim. Past, 2, 145–165,,, 2006
09 Oct 2006
Social vulnerability to climate in the "Little Ice Age": an example from Central Europe in the early 1770s
C. Pfister and R. Brázdil
Clim. Past, 2, 115–129,,, 2006
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