Millennial-scale variability in the American tropics and subtropics
Millennial-scale variability in the American tropics and subtropics
Editor(s): D. Urrego, M. Power, J. P. Bernal, and T. Kiefer

Understanding the earth system responses to current rapid climate change requires comprehension of past abrupt climate variability at centennial-to-millennial timescales. Despite increased efforts to understand this variability, several questions remain open, especially related to tropical and subtropical climate forcing and responses. This special issue is centred on the signature of abrupt climate change in the American tropics and subtropics and focuses on ocean, atmosphere and biosphere records. It is produced by the Latin-American Abrupt Climate changes and Environmental Responses (LaACER) initiative, a project of the Palaeoclimate Commission of the International Union for Quaternary Science (INQUA).

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21 Mar 2016
Millennial-scale vegetation changes in the tropical Andes using ecological grouping and ordination methods
Dunia H. Urrego, Henry Hooghiemstra, Oscar Rama-Corredor, Belen Martrat, Joan O. Grimalt, Lonnie Thompson, Mark B. Bush, Zaire González-Carranza, Jennifer Hanselman, Bryan Valencia, and César Velásquez-Ruiz
Clim. Past, 12, 697–711,,, 2016
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23 Feb 2016
Geochronological database and classification system for age uncertainties in Neotropical pollen records
S. G. A. Flantua, M. Blaauw, and H. Hooghiemstra
Clim. Past, 12, 387–414,,, 2016
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06 Oct 2015
Parallelisms between sea surface temperature changes in the western tropical Atlantic (Guiana Basin) and high latitude climate signals over the last 140 000 years
O. Rama-Corredor, B. Martrat, J. O. Grimalt, G. E. López-Otalvaro, J. A. Flores, and F. Sierro
Clim. Past, 11, 1297–1311,,, 2015
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22 Jun 2015
Thermal evolution of the western South Atlantic and the adjacent continent during Termination 1
C. M. Chiessi, S. Mulitza, G. Mollenhauer, J. B. Silva, J. Groeneveld, and M. Prange
Clim. Past, 11, 915–929,,, 2015
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08 Jun 2015
Effects of past climate variability on fire and vegetation in the cerrãdo savanna of the Huanchaca Mesetta, NE Bolivia
S. Y. Maezumi, M. J. Power, F. E. Mayle, K. K. McLauchlan, and J. Iriarte
Clim. Past, 11, 835–853,,, 2015
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CC BY 4.0