Past environmental and climatic stress during modern human's dispersal
Past environmental and climatic stress during modern human's dispersal
Editor(s): F. Viehberg, F. Schäbitz, K. Reicherter, J. M. Le Tensorer, and D.-D. Rousseau

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07 May 2015
Non-linear regime shifts in Holocene Asian monsoon variability: potential impacts on cultural change and migratory patterns
J. F. Donges, R. V. Donner, N. Marwan, S. F. M. Breitenbach, K. Rehfeld, and J. Kurths
Clim. Past, 11, 709–741,,, 2015
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07 Jan 2015
Holocene environmental changes in the highlands of the southern Peruvian Andes (14° S) and their impact on pre-Columbian cultures
K. Schittek, M. Forbriger, B. Mächtle, F. Schäbitz, V. Wennrich, M. Reindel, and B. Eitel
Clim. Past, 11, 27–44,,, 2015
09 Sep 2014
Sediment sequence and site formation processes at the Arbreda Cave, NE Iberian Peninsula, and implications on human occupation and climate change during the Last Glacial
M. Kehl, E. Eckmeier, S. O. Franz, F. Lehmkuhl, J. Soler, N. Soler, K. Reicherter, and G.-C. Weniger
Clim. Past, 10, 1673–1692,,, 2014
22 Jul 2014
Constraining Holocene hydrological changes in the Carpathian–Balkan region using speleothem δ18O and pollen-based temperature reconstructions
V. Drăguşin, M. Staubwasser, D. L. Hoffmann, V. Ersek, B. P. Onac, and D. Veres
Clim. Past, 10, 1363–1380,,, 2014
27 Mar 2014
Climate variability over the last 92 ka in SW Balkans from analysis of sediments from Lake Prespa
K. Panagiotopoulos, A. Böhm, M. J. Leng, B. Wagner, and F. Schäbitz
Clim. Past, 10, 643–660,,, 2014
06 Feb 2014
Distinct lake level lowstand in Lake Prespa (SE Europe) at the time of the 74 (75) ka Toba eruption
B. Wagner, M. J. Leng, T. Wilke, A. Böhm, K. Panagiotopoulos, H. Vogel, J. H. Lacey, G. Zanchetta, and R. Sulpizio
Clim. Past, 10, 261–267,,, 2014
23 Jul 2013
Late Neolithic Mondsee Culture in Austria: living on lakes and living with flood risk?
T. Swierczynski, S. Lauterbach, P. Dulski, and A. Brauer
Clim. Past, 9, 1601–1612,,, 2013
14 Mar 2013
Hominin responses to environmental changes during the Middle Pleistocene in central and southern Italy
R. Orain, V. Lebreton, E. Russo Ermolli, A.-M. Sémah, S. Nomade, Q. Shao, J.-J. Bahain, U. Thun Hohenstein, and C. Peretto
Clim. Past, 9, 687–697,,, 2013
30 Jan 2013
Tephrostratigraphic studies on a sediment core from Lake Prespa in the Balkans
M. Damaschke, R. Sulpizio, G. Zanchetta, B. Wagner, A. Böhm, N. Nowaczyk, J. Rethemeyer, and A. Hilgers
Clim. Past, 9, 267–287,,, 2013
20 Dec 2012
Possible earthquake trigger for 6th century mass wasting deposit at Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania)
B. Wagner, A. Francke, R. Sulpizio, G. Zanchetta, K. Lindhorst, S. Krastel, H. Vogel, J. Rethemeyer, G. Daut, A. Grazhdani, B. Lushaj, and S. Trajanovski
Clim. Past, 8, 2069–2078,,, 2012
CC BY 4.0