The EPICA (EDC and EDML) ice cores age scales
The EPICA (EDC and EDML) ice cores age scales
Editor(s): T. Van Ommen, E. Wolff, and F. Parrenin

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02 Oct 2007
Ice thinning, upstream advection, and non-climatic biases for the upper 89% of the EDML ice core from a nested model of the Antarctic ice sheet
P. Huybrechts, O. Rybak, F. Pattyn, U. Ruth, and D. Steinhage
Clim. Past, 3, 577–589,,, 2007
07 Sep 2007
Direct north-south synchronization of abrupt climate change record in ice cores using Beryllium 10
G. M. Raisbeck, F. Yiou, J. Jouzel, and T. F. Stocker
Clim. Past, 3, 541–547,,, 2007
28 Aug 2007
New constraints on the gas age-ice age difference along the EPICA ice cores, 0–50 kyr
L. Loulergue, F. Parrenin, T. Blunier, J.-M. Barnola, R. Spahni, A. Schilt, G. Raisbeck, and J. Chappellaz
Clim. Past, 3, 527–540,,, 2007
17 Aug 2007
The EDC3 chronology for the EPICA Dome C ice core
F. Parrenin, J.-M. Barnola, J. Beer, T. Blunier, E. Castellano, J. Chappellaz, G. Dreyfus, H. Fischer, S. Fujita, J. Jouzel, K. Kawamura, B. Lemieux-Dudon, L. Loulergue, V. Masson-Delmotte, B. Narcisi, J.-R. Petit, G. Raisbeck, D. Raynaud, U. Ruth, J. Schwander, M. Severi, R. Spahni, J. P. Steffensen, A. Svensson, R. Udisti, C. Waelbroeck, and E. Wolff
Clim. Past, 3, 485–497,,, 2007
07 Aug 2007
"EDML1": a chronology for the EPICA deep ice core from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, over the last 150 000 years
U. Ruth, J.-M. Barnola, J. Beer, M. Bigler, T. Blunier, E. Castellano, H. Fischer, F. Fundel, P. Huybrechts, P. Kaufmann, S. Kipfstuhl, A. Lambrecht, A. Morganti, H. Oerter, F. Parrenin, O. Rybak, M. Severi, R. Udisti, F. Wilhelms, and E. Wolff
Clim. Past, 3, 475–484,,, 2007
02 Jul 2007
Synchronisation of the EDML and EDC ice cores for the last 52 kyr by volcanic signature matching
M. Severi, S. Becagli, E. Castellano, A. Morganti, R. Traversi, R. Udisti, U. Ruth, H. Fischer, P. Huybrechts, E. Wolff, F. Parrenin, P. Kaufmann, F. Lambert, and J. P. Steffensen
Clim. Past, 3, 367–374,,, 2007
21 Jun 2007
Anomalous flow below 2700 m in the EPICA Dome C ice core detected using δ18O of atmospheric oxygen measurements
G. B. Dreyfus, F. Parrenin, B. Lemieux-Dudon, G. Durand, V. Masson-Delmotte, J. Jouzel, J.-M. Barnola, L. Panno, R. Spahni, A. Tisserand, U. Siegenthaler, and M. Leuenberger
Clim. Past, 3, 341–353,,, 2007
18 Jun 2007
Synchronization of ice core records via atmospheric gases
T. Blunier, R. Spahni, J.-M. Barnola, J. Chappellaz, L. Loulergue, and J. Schwander
Clim. Past, 3, 325–330,,, 2007
01 Jun 2007
1-D-ice flow modelling at EPICA Dome C and Dome Fuji, East Antarctica
F. Parrenin, G. Dreyfus, G. Durand, S. Fujita, O. Gagliardini, F. Gillet, J. Jouzel, K. Kawamura, N. Lhomme, V. Masson-Delmotte, C. Ritz, J. Schwander, H. Shoji, R. Uemura, O. Watanabe, and N. Yoshida
Clim. Past, 3, 243–259,,, 2007
19 Mar 2007
Change in ice rheology during climate variations – implications for ice flow modelling and dating of the EPICA Dome C core
G. Durand, F. Gillet-Chaulet, A. Svensson, O. Gagliardini, S. Kipfstuhl, J. Meyssonnier, F. Parrenin, P. Duval, and D. Dahl-Jensen
Clim. Past, 3, 155–167,,, 2007
CC BY 4.0