Advances in understanding and applying speleothem climate proxies
Advances in understanding and applying speleothem climate proxies
Editor(s): A. Mangini, C. Spötl, S. Frisia, G. Lohmann, E. Wolff, and D. Fleitmann

Speleothems are highly valuable continental archives of past climate changes. The main aim of this special issue is to bring together contributions providing new insights in speleothem research. Of special interest are the processes driving the incorporation of various proxies in speleothems including O- and C-isotopes, trace elements, fluid inclusions, Mg-isotopes and non-traditional proxies. We especially welcome contributions with focus on multi-proxy data series at very high resolution. We also encourage contributions on long-term monitoring studies, which focus on recent regional climate variability and on processes involved in speleothem formation.

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14 Feb 2013
Reconstruction of drip-water δ18O based on calcite oxygen and clumped isotopes of speleothems from Bunker Cave (Germany)
T. Kluge, H. P. Affek, T. Marx, W. Aeschbach-Hertig, D. F. C. Riechelmann, D. Scholz, S. Riechelmann, A. Immenhauser, D. K. Richter, J. Fohlmeister, A. Wackerbarth, A. Mangini, and C. Spötl
Clim. Past, 9, 377–391,,, 2013
22 Jan 2013
Stable isotopes in caves over altitudinal gradients: fractionation behaviour and inferences for speleothem sensitivity to climate change
V. E. Johnston, A. Borsato, C. Spötl, S. Frisia, and R. Miorandi
Clim. Past, 9, 99–118,,, 2013
21 Jan 2013
Simulated European stalagmite record and its relation to a quasi-decadal climate mode
G. Lohmann, A. Wackerbarth, P. M. Langebroek, M. Werner, J. Fohlmeister, D. Scholz, and A. Mangini
Clim. Past, 9, 89–98,,, 2013
08 Jan 2013
Influence of orbital forcing and solar activity on water isotopes in precipitation during the mid- and late Holocene
S. Dietrich, M. Werner, T. Spangehl, and G. Lohmann
Clim. Past, 9, 13–26,,, 2013
07 Jan 2013
Stalagmite water content as a proxy for drip water supply in tropical and subtropical areas
N. Vogel, Y. Scheidegger, M. S. Brennwald, D. Fleitmann, S. Figura, R. Wieler, and R. Kipfer
Clim. Past, 9, 1–12,,, 2013
14 Dec 2012
A re-evaluation of the palaeoclimatic significance of phosphorus variability in speleothems revealed by high-resolution synchrotron micro XRF mapping
S. Frisia, A. Borsato, R. N. Drysdale, B. Paul, A. Greig, and M. Cotte
Clim. Past, 8, 2039–2051,,, 2012
20 Nov 2012
The magnesium isotope record of cave carbonate archives
S. Riechelmann, D. Buhl, A. Schröder-Ritzrau, D. F. C. Riechelmann, D. K. Richter, H. B. Vonhof, J. A. Wassenburg, A. Geske, C. Spötl, and A. Immenhauser
Clim. Past, 8, 1849–1867,,, 2012
14 Nov 2012
Coarsely crystalline cryogenic cave carbonate – a new archive to estimate the Last Glacial minimum permafrost depth in Central Europe
K. Žák, D. K. Richter, M. Filippi, R. Živor, M. Deininger, A. Mangini, and D. Scholz
Clim. Past, 8, 1821–1837,,, 2012
05 Nov 2012
Simulated oxygen isotopes in cave drip water and speleothem calcite in European caves
A. Wackerbarth, P. M. Langebroek, M. Werner, G. Lohmann, S. Riechelmann, A. Borsato, and A. Mangini
Clim. Past, 8, 1781–1799,,, 2012
31 Oct 2012
Bunker Cave stalagmites: an archive for central European Holocene climate variability
J. Fohlmeister, A. Schröder-Ritzrau, D. Scholz, C. Spötl, D. F. C. Riechelmann, M. Mudelsee, A. Wackerbarth, A. Gerdes, S. Riechelmann, A. Immenhauser, D. K. Richter, and A. Mangini
Clim. Past, 8, 1751–1764,,, 2012
31 Oct 2012
COnstructing Proxy Records from Age models (COPRA)
S. F. M. Breitenbach, K. Rehfeld, B. Goswami, J. U. L. Baldini, H. E. Ridley, D. J. Kennett, K. M. Prufer, V. V. Aquino, Y. Asmerom, V. J. Polyak, H. Cheng, J. Kurths, and N. Marwan
Clim. Past, 8, 1765–1779,,, 2012
23 Oct 2012
Effects of dating errors on nonparametric trend analyses of speleothem time series
M. Mudelsee, J. Fohlmeister, and D. Scholz
Clim. Past, 8, 1637–1648,,, 2012
11 Oct 2012
Isotopic and lithologic variations of one precisely-dated stalagmite across the Medieval/LIA period from Heilong Cave, central China
Y. F. Cui, Y. J. Wang, H. Cheng, K. Zhao, and X. G. Kong
Clim. Past, 8, 1541–1550,,, 2012
10 Oct 2012
Stable isotope and trace element investigation of two contemporaneous annually-laminated stalagmites from northeastern China surrounding the "8.2 ka event"
J. Y. Wu, Y. J. Wang, H. Cheng, X. G. Kong, and D. B. Liu
Clim. Past, 8, 1497–1507,,, 2012
27 Aug 2012
Holocene climate variability in north-eastern Italy: potential influence of the NAO and solar activity recorded by speleothem data
D. Scholz, S. Frisia, A. Borsato, C. Spötl, J. Fohlmeister, M. Mudelsee, R. Miorandi, and A. Mangini
Clim. Past, 8, 1367–1383,,, 2012
11 Jul 2012
Millennial-length forward models and pseudoproxies of stalagmite δ18O: an example from NW Scotland
A. Baker, C. Bradley, S. J. Phipps, M. Fischer, I. J. Fairchild, L. Fuller, C. Spötl, and C. Azcurra
Clim. Past, 8, 1153–1167,,, 2012
CC BY 4.0