Articles | Volume 17, issue 5
Clim. Past, 17, 2273–2289, 2021
Clim. Past, 17, 2273–2289, 2021
Research article
27 Oct 2021
Research article | 27 Oct 2021

Evolution of mean ocean temperature in Marine Isotope Stage 4

Sarah Shackleton et al.

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Using ice core measurements from Taylor Glacier, Antarctica to calibrate in situ cosmogenic 14C production rates by muons
Michael Dyonisius, Vasilii Petrenko, Andrew Smith, Benjamin Hmiel, Peter Neff, Bin Yang, Quan Hua, Jochen Schmitt, Sarah Shackleton, Christo Buizert, Philip Place, James Menking, Ross Beaudette, Christina Harth, Michael Kalk, Heidi Roop, Bernhard Bereiter, Casey Armanetti, Isaac Vimont, Sylvia Englund Michel, Edward Brook, Jeffrey Severinghaus, Ray Weiss, and Joseph McConnell
The Cryosphere Discuss.,,, 2022
Revised manuscript under review for TC
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Stratigraphic templates for ice core records of the past 1.5 Myr
Eric W. Wolff, Hubertus Fischer, Tas van Ommen, and David A. Hodell
Clim. Past, 18, 1563–1577,,, 2022
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Modelled interglacial carbon cycle dynamics during the Holocene, the Eemian and Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 11
Thomas Kleinen, Victor Brovkin, and Guy Munhoven
Clim. Past, 12, 2145–2160,,, 2016
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In this study, we measure atmospheric noble gases trapped in ice cores to reconstruct ocean temperature during the last glaciation. Comparing the new reconstruction to other climate records, we show that the ocean reached its coldest temperatures before ice sheets reached maximum volumes and atmospheric CO2 reached its lowest concentrations. Ocean cooling played a major role in lowering atmospheric CO2 early in the glaciation, but it only played a minor role later.