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Research article
09 Jan 2020
Research article |  | 09 Jan 2020

Reconstruction of the track and a simulation of the storm surge associated with the calamitous typhoon affecting the Pearl River Estuary in September 1874

Hing Yim Mok, Wing Hong Lui, Dick Shum Lau, and Wang Chun Woo

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Subject: Atmospheric Dynamics | Archive: Historical Records | Timescale: Instrumental Period
Statistical reconstruction of daily temperature and sea level pressure in Europe for the severe winter 1788/89
Duncan Pappert, Mariano Barriendos, Yuri Brugnara, Noemi Imfeld, Sylvie Jourdain, Rajmund Przybylak, Christian Rohr, and Stefan Brönnimann
Clim. Past, 18, 2545–2565,,, 2022
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Insights from 20 years of temperature parallel measurements in Mauritius around the turn of the 20th century
Samuel O. Awe, Martin Mahony, Edley Michaud, Conor Murphy, Simon J. Noone, Victor K. C. Venema, Thomas G. Thorne, and Peter W. Thorne
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Unlocking weather observations from the Societas Meteorologica Palatina (1781–1792)
Duncan Pappert, Yuri Brugnara, Sylvie Jourdain, Aleksandra Pospieszyńska, Rajmund Przybylak, Christian Rohr, and Stefan Brönnimann
Clim. Past, 17, 2361–2379,,, 2021
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The 1921 European drought: impacts, reconstruction and drivers
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Clim. Past, 17, 2201–2221,,, 2021
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The importance of input data quality and quantity in climate field reconstructions – results from the assimilation of various tree-ring collections
Jörg Franke, Veronika Valler, Stefan Brönnimann, Raphael Neukom, and Fernando Jaume-Santero
Clim. Past, 16, 1061–1074,,, 2020
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Using available information from historical documents, the maximum storm surge and storm tide at Hong Kong during the passage of a typhoon in 1874 were determined by reconstructing the possible typhoon track and found to be higher than all existing records since the 1883 establishment of the Hong Kong Observatory. This reveals that a more detailed frequency analysis of extreme sea levels taking the 1874 typhoon into account is essential for realistic storm surge risk assessments in Hong Kong.