Articles | Volume 11, issue 6
Clim. Past, 11, 959–978, 2015
Clim. Past, 11, 959–978, 2015

Research article 25 Jun 2015

Research article | 25 Jun 2015

Implementation of counted layers for coherent ice core chronology

B. Lemieux-Dudon et al.

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IceChrono1: a probabilistic model to compute a common and optimal chronology for several ice cores
F. Parrenin, L. Bazin, E. Capron, A. Landais, B. Lemieux-Dudon, and V. Masson-Delmotte
Geosci. Model Dev., 8, 1473–1492,,, 2015
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Subject: Proxy Use-Development-Validation | Archive: Ice Cores | Timescale: Milankovitch
A 120 000-year record of sea ice in the North Atlantic?
Niccolò Maffezzoli, Paul Vallelonga, Ross Edwards, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Clara Turetta, Helle Astrid Kjær, Carlo Barbante, Bo Vinther, and Andrea Spolaor
Clim. Past, 15, 2031–2051,,, 2019
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High-resolution mineral dust and sea ice proxy records from the Talos Dome ice core
S. Schüpbach, U. Federer, P. R. Kaufmann, S. Albani, C. Barbante, T. F. Stocker, and H. Fischer
Clim. Past, 9, 2789–2807,,, 2013
Can we determine what controls the spatio-temporal distribution of d-excess and 17O-excess in precipitation using the LMDZ general circulation model?
C. Risi, A. Landais, R. Winkler, and F. Vimeux
Clim. Past, 9, 2173–2193,,, 2013
Ranges of moisture-source temperature estimated from Antarctic ice cores stable isotope records over glacial–interglacial cycles
R. Uemura, V. Masson-Delmotte, J. Jouzel, A. Landais, H. Motoyama, and B. Stenni
Clim. Past, 8, 1109–1125,,, 2012

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