Articles | Volume 17, issue 4
Clim. Past, 17, 1665–1684, 2021
Clim. Past, 17, 1665–1684, 2021
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05 Aug 2021
Research article  | Highlight paper | 05 Aug 2021

Influence of the representation of convection on the mid-Holocene West African Monsoon

Leonore Jungandreas et al.

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Simulated range of mid-Holocene precipitation changes from extended lakes and wetlands over North Africa
Nora Farina Specht, Martin Claussen, and Thomas Kleinen
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Effect of nitrogen limitation and soil biophysics on Holocene greening of the Sahara
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Holocene vegetation transitions and their climatic drivers in MPI-ESM1.2
Anne Dallmeyer, Martin Claussen, Stephan J. Lorenz, Michael Sigl, Matthew Toohey, and Ulrike Herzschuh
Clim. Past, 17, 2481–2513,,, 2021
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The influence of volcanic eruptions on the climate of tropical South America during the last millennium in an isotope-enabled general circulation model
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Internal and external variability in regional simulations of the Iberian Peninsula climate over the last millennium
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We investigate the impact of explicitly resolving convection on the mid-Holocene West African Monsoon rain belt by employing the ICON climate model in high resolution. While the spatial distribution and intensity of the precipitation are improved by this technique, the monsoon extents further north and the mean summer rainfall is higher in the simulation with parameterized convection.