Articles | Volume 16, issue 6
Clim. Past, 16, 2095–2123, 2020

Special issue: PlioMIP Phase 2: experimental design, implementation and scientific...

Special issue: Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project phase 4 (PMIP4)...

Clim. Past, 16, 2095–2123, 2020

Research article 04 Nov 2020

Research article | 04 Nov 2020

The Pliocene Model Intercomparison Project Phase 2: large-scale climate features and climate sensitivity

Alan M. Haywood et al.

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WCRP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (Phase 6) ESGF

Short summary
The large-scale features of middle Pliocene climate from the 16 models of PlioMIP Phase 2 are presented. The PlioMIP2 ensemble average was ~ 3.2 °C warmer and experienced ~ 7 % more precipitation than the pre-industrial era, although there are large regional variations. PlioMIP2 broadly agrees with a new proxy dataset of Pliocene sea surface temperatures. Combining PlioMIP2 and proxy data suggests that a doubling of atmospheric CO2 would increase globally averaged temperature by 2.6–4.8 °C.