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19 Aug 2016
Research article |  | 19 Aug 2016

The South American monsoon variability over the last millennium in climate models

Maisa Rojas, Paola A. Arias, Valentina Flores-Aqueveque, Anji Seth, and Mathias Vuille

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Manuscript not accepted for further review
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Recent work shows that during the most prominent climate anomalies during the last millennium, the Medieval Climate Anomaly (ca. 950–1250) and the Little Ice Age (ca. 1450–1850), the South American monsoon system (SAMS) was drier and wetter, respectively. We investigate if this variability in the SAMS is reproduced in the latest set of climate simulations that cover these periods. Despite weak forcing, through analysis of the large-scale circulation we find this signal in the models.