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Research article
12 Dec 2023
Research article |  | 12 Dec 2023

Reconstructing atmospheric H2 over the past century from bi-polar firn air records

John D. Patterson, Murat Aydin, Andrew M. Crotwell, Gabrielle Pétron, Jeffery P. Severinghaus, Paul B. Krummel, Ray L. Langenfelds, Vasilii V. Petrenko, and Eric S. Saltzman

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Atmospheric H2 observations from the NOAA Global Cooperative Air Sampling Network
Gabrielle B. Petron, Andrew M. Crotwell, John Mund, Molly Crotwell, Thomas Mefford, Kirk Thoning, Bradley D. Hall, Duane R. Kitzis, Monica Madronich, Eric Moglia, Don Neff, Sonja Wolter, Armin Jordan, Paul Krummel, Ray Langenfelds, and John D. Patterson
Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss.,,, 2024
Revised manuscript under review for AMT
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Carbonyl sulfide measurements from a South Pole ice core and implications for atmospheric variability since the last glacial period
Murat Aydin, Melinda R. Nicewonger, Gregory L. Britten, Dominic Winski, Mary Whelan, John D. Patterson, Erich Osterberg, Christopher F. Lee, Tara Harder, Kyle J. Callahan, David Ferris, and Eric S. Saltzman
Clim. Past Discuss.,,, 2023
Revised manuscript under review for CP
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Atmospheric levels of molecular hydrogen (H2) can impact climate and air quality. Constraining past changes to atmospheric H2 is useful for understanding how H2 cycles through the Earth system and predicting the impacts of increasing anthropogenic emissions under the hydrogen economy. Here, we use the aging air found in the polar snowpack to reconstruct H2 levels over the past 100 years. We find that H2 levels increased by 30 % over Greenland and 60 % over Antarctica during the 20th century.