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21 Dec 2018
Research article |  | 21 Dec 2018

Climate evolution across the Mid-Brunhes Transition

Aaron M. Barth, Peter U. Clark, Nicholas S. Bill, Feng He, and Nicklas G. Pisias

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10Be age control of glaciation in the Beartooth Mountains, USA, from the latest Pleistocene through the Holocene
Aaron M. Barth, Elizabeth G. Ceperley, Claire Vavrus, Shaun A. Marcott, Jeremy D. Shakun, and Marc W. Caffee
Geochronology, 4, 731–743,,, 2022
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Multiple components of the global climate system record a transition ~ 430 ka from lower- to higher-amplitude glacial cycles. Statistical analyses of globally distributed climate proxies show that a sequence of events including persistent Asian summer monsoons, weak glaciation, and reorganization of water masses preceded the transition to higher interglacial values for temperature, atmospheric greenhouse gases, and sea level.