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Research article
17 Oct 2018
Research article |  | 17 Oct 2018

Middle Miocene climate of southwestern Anatolia from multiple botanical proxies

Johannes Martin Bouchal, Tuncay Hüseyin Güner, and Thomas Denk

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Short summary
Verterbate fossils suggest tropical climates and environments for the middle Miocene of western Anatolia (mammal zone MN6). We used three palaeobotanical proxies and inferred warm temperate climates. The onset of Miocene cooling (middle Miocene climate transition, MMCT, 14.7–13.9 Ma) is characterized by fluctuating ratios of woody and herbaceous pollen types, while a herb-rich pollen zone indicates pronounced cooling at 13.9–13.8 Ma. Prior to the MMCT (MN5), forest vegetation prevailed.