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Research article
04 Oct 2018
Research article |  | 04 Oct 2018

Temperature seasonality in the North American continental interior during the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum

Ethan G. Hyland, Katharine W. Huntington, Nathan D. Sheldon, and Tammo Reichgelt

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Climate and ecology in the Rocky Mountain interior after the early Eocene Climatic Optimum
Rebekah A. Stein, Nathan D. Sheldon, Sarah E. Allen, Michael E. Smith, Rebecca M. Dzombak, and Brian R. Jicha
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Elevated CO2, increased leaf-level productivity, and water-use efficiency during the early Miocene
Tammo Reichgelt, William J. D'Andrea, Ailín del C. Valdivia-McCarthy, Bethany R. S. Fox, Jennifer M. Bannister, John G. Conran, William G. Lee, and Daphne E. Lee
Clim. Past, 16, 1509–1521,,, 2020
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Paleobotanical proxies for early Eocene climates and ecosystems in northern North America from middle to high latitudes
Christopher K. West, David R. Greenwood, Tammo Reichgelt, Alexander J. Lowe, Janelle M. Vachon, and James F. Basinger
Clim. Past, 16, 1387–1410,,, 2020
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Subject: Atmospheric Dynamics | Archive: Terrestrial Archives | Timescale: Cenozoic
Post-Pliocene establishment of the present monsoonal climate in SW China: evidence from the late Pliocene Longmen megaflora
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Stable isotopic evidence of El Niño-like atmospheric circulation in the Pliocene western United States
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Climate equability is a paradox in paleoclimate research, but modeling suggests that strong seasonality should be a feature of greenhouse Earth periods too. Records of temperature from floral assemblages, paleosol geochemistry, clumped isotope thermometry, and downscaled models during the early Eocene show that the mean annual range of temperature was high, and may have increased during warming events. This has implications for predicting future seasonal climate impacts in continental regions.