Articles | Volume 11, issue 9
Clim. Past, 11, 1249–1270, 2015

Special issue: Climatic and biotic events of the Paleogene

Clim. Past, 11, 1249–1270, 2015
Research article
30 Sep 2015
Research article | 30 Sep 2015

Microfossil evidence for trophic changes during the Eocene–Oligocene transition in the South Atlantic (ODP Site 1263, Walvis Ridge)

M. Bordiga et al.

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Short summary
Deep-sea sediments at ODP Site 1263 (Walvis Ridge, South Atlantic) show that marine calcifying algae decreased in abundance and size at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary, when the Earth transitioned from a greenhouse to a more glaciated and cooler climate. This decreased the food supply for benthic foraminifer communities. The plankton rapidly responded to fast-changing conditions, such as seasonal nutrient availability, or to threshold-levels in pCO2, cooling and ocean circulation.