Articles | Volume 18, issue 4
Research article
20 Apr 2022
Research article |  | 20 Apr 2022

Evaluating seasonal sea-ice cover over the Southern Ocean at the Last Glacial Maximum

Ryan A. Green, Laurie Menviel, Katrin J. Meissner, Xavier Crosta, Deepak Chandan, Gerrit Lohmann, W. Richard Peltier, Xiaoxu Shi, and Jiang Zhu

Data sets

LOVECLIM, PMIP3 and PMIP4 LGM sea ice multi-model mean R. A. Green, L. Menviel, and K. J. Meissner

LOVECLIM ocean and sea-ice results L. Menviel, R. A. Green, and K. Meissner

Short summary
Climate models are used to predict future climate changes and as such, it is important to assess their performance in simulating past climate changes. We analyze seasonal sea-ice cover over the Southern Ocean simulated from numerical PMIP3, PMIP4 and LOVECLIM simulations during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). Comparing these simulations to proxy data, we provide improved estimates of LGM seasonal sea-ice cover. Our estimate of summer sea-ice extent is 20 %–30 % larger than previous estimates.