Articles | Volume 18, issue 1
Research article
18 Jan 2022
Research article |  | 18 Jan 2022

No evidence for tephra in Greenland from the historic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE: implications for geochronology and paleoclimatology

Gill Plunkett, Michael Sigl, Hans F. Schwaiger, Emma L. Tomlinson, Matthew Toohey, Joseph R. McConnell, Jonathan R. Pilcher, Takeshi Hasegawa, and Claus Siebe

Data sets

Ash3d simulation outputs of ash deposition from hypothetical eruptions of Aniakchak (Alaska), Chikurachki (Kurile Islands) and Popocatépetl (Mexico) G. Plunkett, M. Sigl, H. Schwaiger, E. Tomlinson, M. Toohey, J. R. McConnell, J. R. Pilcher, T. Hasegawa, and C. Siebe

GISP2 Ions: Deep (D) Core P. A. Mayewski

Volcanic synchronization GISP2 versus NEEM(2011-S1) on the NS1-2011 timescale M. Sigl

Short summary
We report the identification of volcanic ash associated with a sulfate layer in Greenland ice cores previously thought to have been from the Vesuvius 79 CE eruption and which had been used to confirm the precise dating of the Greenland ice-core chronology. We find that the tephra was probably produced by an eruption in Alaska. We show the importance of verifying sources of volcanic signals in ice cores through ash analysis to avoid errors in dating ice cores and interpreting volcanic impacts.