Articles | Volume 17, issue 6
Clim. Past, 17, 2515–2536, 2021
Clim. Past, 17, 2515–2536, 2021
Research article
03 Dec 2021
Research article | 03 Dec 2021

Climate and ecology in the Rocky Mountain interior after the early Eocene Climatic Optimum

Rebekah A. Stein et al.

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Late Quaternary faulting in the southern Matese (Italy): implications for earthquake potential and slip rate variability in the southern Apennines
Paolo Boncio, Eugenio Auciello, Vincenzo Amato, Pietro Aucelli, Paola Petrosino, Anna C. Tangari, and Brian R. Jicha
Solid Earth, 13, 553–582,,, 2022
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Terrestrial records of glacial terminations V and IV and insights on deglacial mechanisms
Fabrizio Marra, Alison Pereira, Brian Jicha, Sebastien Nomade, Italo Biddittu, Fabio Florindo, Giovanni Muttoni, Elizabeth Niespolo, Paul Renne, and Vincent Scao
Clim. Past Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint under review for CP
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Temperature seasonality in the North American continental interior during the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum
Ethan G. Hyland, Katharine W. Huntington, Nathan D. Sheldon, and Tammo Reichgelt
Clim. Past, 14, 1391–1404,,, 2018
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Subject: Continental Surface Processes | Archive: Terrestrial Archives | Timescale: Cenozoic
Terrestrial carbon isotope stratigraphy and mammal turnover during post-PETM hyperthermals in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, USA
Sarah J. Widlansky, Ross Secord, Kathryn E. Snell, Amy E. Chew, and William C. Clyde
Clim. Past, 18, 681–712,,, 2022
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Palaeo-environmental evolution of Central Asia during the Cenozoic: new insights from the continental sedimentary archive of the Valley of Lakes (Mongolia)
Andre Baldermann, Oliver Wasser, Elshan Abdullayev, Stefano Bernasconi, Stefan Löhr, Klaus Wemmer, Werner E. Piller, Maxim Rudmin, and Sylvain Richoz
Clim. Past, 17, 1955–1972,,, 2021
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Terrestrial responses of low-latitude Asia to the Eocene–Oligocene climate transition revealed by integrated chronostratigraphy
Y. X. Li, W. J. Jiao, Z. H. Liu, J. H. Jin, D. H. Wang, Y. X. He, and C. Quan
Clim. Past, 12, 255–272,,, 2016
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Mammal faunal change in the zone of the Paleogene hyperthermals ETM2 and H2
A. E. Chew
Clim. Past, 11, 1223–1237,,, 2015
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Pliocene to Pleistocene climate and environmental history of Lake El'gygytgyn, Far East Russian Arctic, based on high-resolution inorganic geochemistry data
V. Wennrich, P. S. Minyuk, V. Borkhodoev, A. Francke, B. Ritter, N. R. Nowaczyk, M. A. Sauerbrey, J. Brigham-Grette, and M. Melles
Clim. Past, 10, 1381–1399,,, 2014

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Modern climate change drives us to look to the past to understand how well prior life adapted to warm periods. In the early Eocene, a warm period approximately 50 million years ago, southwestern Wyoming was covered by a giant lake. This lake and surrounding environments made for excellent preservation of ancient soils, plant fossils, and more. Using geochemical tools and plant fossils, we determine the region was a warm, wet forest and that elevated temperatures were maintained by volcanoes.