Articles | Volume 17, issue 3
Research article
18 May 2021
Research article |  | 18 May 2021

The speleothem oxygen record as a proxy for thermal or moisture changes: a case study of multiproxy records from MIS 5–MIS 6 speleothems from the Demänová Cave system

Jacek Pawlak

Data sets

Speleothem oxygen record - thermal or moisture changes proxy? A case study of multiproxy record from MIS 5/MIS 6 age speleothems from Demänová Cave System Jacek Pawlak

High-resolution record of Northern Hemisphere climate extending into the last interglacial period ( North Greenland Ice Core Project members

Short summary
Presently, central Europe is under the influence of two types of climate, transitional and continental. The 60 ka long multiproxy speleothem dataset from Slovakia records the climate of the Last Interglacial cycle and its transition to the Last Glacial. The interpretation of stable isotopic composition and trace element content proxies helps to distinguish which factor had the strongest influence on the δ18O record shape: the local temperature, the humidity or the source effect.