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23 Dec 2020
Review article | Highlight paper |  | 23 Dec 2020

Plateaus and jumps in the atmospheric radiocarbon record – potential origin and value as global age markers for glacial-to-deglacial paleoceanography, a synthesis

Michael Sarnthein, Kevin Küssner, Pieter M. Grootes, Blanca Ausin, Timothy Eglinton, Juan Muglia, Raimund Muscheler, and Gordon Schlolaut

Data sets

Glacial to deglacial reservoir ages of surface waters in the southern South Pacific Kevin Küssner, Michael Sarnthein, Elisabeth Michel, Gesine Mollenhauer, Thomas A. Ronge, Giuseppe Siani, and Ralf Tiedemann

Surface ocean reservoir ages in the SW Iberian margin from 11 to 23 kyr B. Ausín, M. Sarnthein, N. Haghipour, and T. I. Eglinton

Short summary
The dating technique of 14C plateau tuning uses U/Th-based model ages, refinements of the Lake Suigetsu age scale, and the link of surface ocean carbon to the globally mixed atmosphere as basis of age correlation. Our synthesis employs data of 20 sediment cores from the global ocean and offers a coherent picture of global ocean circulation evolving over glacial-to-deglacial times on semi-millennial scales to be compared with climate records stored in marine sediments, ice cores, and speleothems.