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27 Mar 2018
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 27 Mar 2018

A 305-year continuous monthly rainfall series for the island of Ireland (1711–2016)

Conor Murphy, Ciaran Broderick, Timothy P. Burt, Mary Curley, Catriona Duffy, Julia Hall, Shaun Harrigan, Tom K. R. Matthews, Neil Macdonald, Gerard McCarthy, Mark P. McCarthy, Donal Mullan, Simon Noone, Timothy J. Osborn, Ciara Ryan, John Sweeney, Peter W. Thorne, Seamus Walsh, and Robert L. Wilby

Data sets

Island of Ireland monthly rainfall series 1711-2016 C. Murphy, C. Broderick, T. P. Burt, M. Curley, C. Duffy, J. Hall, S. Harrigan, T. K. R. Matthews, N. Macdonald, G. McCarthy, M. P. McCarthy, D. Mullan, S. Noone, T. J. Osborn, C. Ryan, J. Sweeney, P. W. Thorne, S. Walsh, and R. L. Wilby

Short summary
This work reconstructs a continuous 305-year rainfall record for Ireland. The series reveals remarkable variability in decadal rainfall – far in excess of the typical period of digitised data. Notably, the series sheds light on exceptionally wet winters in the 1730s and wet summers in the 1750s. The derived record, one of the longest continuous series in Europe, offers a firm basis for benchmarking other long-term records and reconstructions of past climate both locally and across Europe.