Articles | Volume 13, issue 12
Research article
21 Dec 2017
Research article |  | 21 Dec 2017

The climate of the Common Era off the Iberian Peninsula

Fátima Abrantes, Teresa Rodrigues, Marta Rufino, Emília Salgueiro, Dulce Oliveira, Sandra Gomes, Paulo Oliveira, Ana Costa, Mário Mil-Homens, Teresa Drago, and Filipa Naughton

Data sets

Supplement to: Abrantes, FF et al. (submitted): The Climate of the Common Era off the Iberian Peninsula. Climate of the Past F. F. Abrantes, T. Rodrigues, M. M. Rufino, E. Salgueiro, D. Oliveira, S. D. Gomes, A. C. Costa, M. Mil-Homens, T. Drago, Teresa, and F. Naughton

Short summary
Reconstructions of the last 2000-year climatic conditions along the Iberian Margin, a vulnerable region regarding current global warming, reveal a long-term cooling in sea surface temperature (SST) ending with the 19th century and centennial-scale variability that exposes warm SSTs throughout the first 1300 years followed by the colder Little Ice Age. The Industrial Era starts by 1800 CE, with an SST rise and a second increase in SST at ca. 1970 CE, particularly marked in the southern region.