Articles | Volume 20, issue 1
Research article
10 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 10 Jan 2024

Resilient Antarctic monsoonal climate prevented ice growth during the Eocene

Michiel Baatsen, Peter Bijl, Anna von der Heydt, Appy Sluijs, and Henk Dijkstra

Data sets

CESM simulations Eocene monsoons Michiel Baatsen, Michael Kliphuis, Anna von der Heydt, Henk Dijkstra

Short summary
This work introduces the possibility and consequences of monsoons on Antarctica in the warm Eocene climate. We suggest that such a monsoonal climate can be important to understand conditions in Antarctica prior to large-scale glaciation. We can explain seemingly contradictory indications of ice and vegetation on the continent through regional variability. In addition, we provide a new mechanism through which most of Antarctica remained ice-free through a wide range of global climatic changes.