Articles | Volume 20, issue 3
Research article
02 Apr 2024
Research article |  | 02 Apr 2024

Assessing transient changes in the ocean carbon cycle during the last deglaciation through carbon isotope modeling

Hidetaka Kobayashi, Akira Oka, Takashi Obase, and Ayako Abe-Ouchi

Model code and software

Core code of MIROC-ES2L. In Geoscientific Model Development Rumi Ohgaito et al.

Short summary
This study examines the transient response of the ocean carbon cycle to climate change since the last ice age by using an ocean general circulation model. Our carbon cycle model calculates atmospheric pCO2 changes that are consistent with ice core records but whose magnitude is underestimated. Our analysis of carbon isotopes suggests that improving the expression of activated ocean ventilation and suppressing biological productivity are critical in simulating atmospheric pCO2 changes.