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22 Mar 2024
Research article |  | 22 Mar 2024

Weathering trends in the Norian through geochemical and rock magnetic analyses from the Pignola–Abriola section (Lagonegro Basin, Italy)

Matteo Maron, Tetsuji Onoue, Sara Satolli, Katsuhito Soda, Honami Sato, Giovanni Muttoni, and Manuel Rigo

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For better knowledge of the climate perturbation that occurred in the lattermost part of the Triassic (Norian–Rhaetian), we investigated the geochemical and rock magnetic properties of the limestones of the Pignola–Abriola section (Lagonegro Basin, Italy). Our investigation revealed at least a major episode of enhanced weathering occurring in the late Norian (~217–211 Ma), possibly related to the Cimmerian orogen and/or the northward motion of Pangea across the equatorial humid belt.