Articles | Volume 19, issue 6
Research article
21 Jun 2023
Research article |  | 21 Jun 2023

Refinement of the environmental and chronological context of the archeological site El Harhoura 2 (Rabat, Morocco) using paleoclimatic simulations

Léa Terray, Emmanuelle Stoetzel, Eslem Ben Arous, Masa Kageyama, Raphaël Cornette, and Pascale Braconnot

Data sets

LeaTerray/cp-2022-81: cp-2022-81 (Repository) L. Terray

Model code and software

LeaTerray/cp-2022-81: cp-2022-81 (Repository) L. Terray

Short summary
The reconstruction of paleoenvironments has long been a subject of great interest, particularly to study past biodiversity. Paleoenvironmental proxies often show inconsistencies, and age estimations can vary depending on the method used. We demonstrate the ability of paleoclimate simulations to address these discrepancies, illustrating the strong potential of our cross-disciplinary consistency approach to refine the context of archeological and paleontological sites.