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11 Feb 2022
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 11 Feb 2022

Abrupt climate changes and the astronomical theory: are they related?

Denis-Didier Rousseau, Witold Bagniewski, and Michael Ghil

Data sets

NOAA/WDS Paleoclimatology - Sea-level and Deep Water Temperature 430 kyr Reconstructions C. Waelbroeck, L. D. Labeyrie, E. Michel, J.-C. Duplessy, J. F. McManus, K. Lambeck, E. Balbon, and M. Labracherie

Foraminiferal stable isotopes and physical properties from North Atlantic sediment cores for the past 3.2 million years D. A. Hodell and J. E. T. Channell

Cenozoic global reference benthic carbon and oxygen isotope dataset (CENOGRID) T. Westerhold

A stratigraphic framework for abrupt climatic changes during the Last Glacial period based on three... ( S. O. Rasmussen, M. Bigler, S. P. Blockley, T. Blunier, S. L. Buchardt, H. B. Clausen, I. Cvijanovic, D. Dahl-Jensen, S. J. Johnsen, H. Fischer, V. Gkinis, M. Guillevic, W. Z. Hoek, J. J. Lowe, J. B. Pedro, T. Popp, I. K. Seierstad, J. P. Steffensen, A. M. Svensson, P. Vallelonga, B. M. Vinther, M. J. C. Walker, J. J. Wheatley, and M. Winstrup

(Table S3) Abundance of Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (s) in MIS4-2 of DSDP Site 94-609 G. C. Bond, H. Heinrich, W. S. Broecker, L. D. Labeyrie, J. F. McManus, J. T. Andrews, S. Huon, R. Jantschik, S. Clasen, C. Simet, K. Tedesco, M. Klas, G. Bonani, S. Ivy, and S. P. Obrochta

Detection of abrupt climate changes over the past 3.2 Myr Denis-Didier Rousseau, Witold Bagniewski, and Michael Ghil

Short summary
The study of abrupt climate changes is a relatively new field of research that addresses paleoclimate variations that occur in intervals of tens to hundreds of years. Such timescales are much shorter than the tens to hundreds of thousands of years that the astronomical theory of climate addresses. We revisit several high-resolution proxy records of the past 3.2 Myr and show that the abrupt climate changes are nevertheless affected by the orbitally induced insolation changes.