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Research article
05 Jul 2022
Research article |  | 05 Jul 2022

On the economic impact of droughts in central Europe: the decade from 1531 to 1540 from the Polish perspective

Tomasz Związek, Piotr Guzowski, Radosław Poniat, Maciej T. Radomski, Monika Kozłowska-Szyc, Tomasz Panecki, Sandra Słowińska, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Michał Targowski, and Dagmara Adamska

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Short summary
We wanted to take an in-depth look at how climate events affected the economy of early modern Poland. We focused on analysing all available sources of a fiscal nature for this period. In addition, we analysed available materials on the export of primary agricultural products. Our results have shown that the economic system in Poland at that time coped effectively with periodic droughts, and it was only the great drought of 1540 that significantly shook the state's economy.