Articles | Volume 18, issue 5
Clim. Past, 18, 1189–1201, 2022
Clim. Past, 18, 1189–1201, 2022
Research article
25 May 2022
Research article | 25 May 2022

Reconstructing burnt area during the Holocene: an Iberian case study

Yicheng Shen et al.

Data sets

Pollen data and charcoal data of the Iberian Peninsula (version 3) S. Harrison, Y. Shen, and L. Sweeney

Model code and software

ageR: Supervised Age Models R. Villegas-Diaz, E. Cruz-Silva, and S. P. Harrison

Yicheng-Shen/Burnt-area-reconstruction: Burnt area reconstruction using R, Version v1.0.0 Y. Shen

Short summary
We present a method to reconstruct burnt area using a relationship between pollen and charcoal abundances and the calibration of charcoal abundance using modern observations of burnt area. We use this method to reconstruct changes in burnt area over the past 12 000 years from sites in Iberia. We show that regional changes in burnt area reflect known changes in climate, with a high burnt area during warming intervals and low burnt area when the climate was cooler and/or wetter than today.