Articles | Volume 17, issue 3
Clim. Past, 17, 1091–1117, 2021

Special issue: Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project phase 4 (PMIP4)...

Clim. Past, 17, 1091–1117, 2021

Research article 26 May 2021

Research article | 26 May 2021

Impact of dust in PMIP-CMIP6 mid-Holocene simulations with the IPSL model

Pascale Braconnot et al.

Data sets

IPSL IPSL-CM6A-LR model output prepared for CMIP6 PMIP midHolocene Olivier Boucher, Sébastien Denvil, Guillaume Levavasseur, Anne Cozic, Arnaud Caubel, Marie-Alice Foujols, Yann Meurdesoif, Pascale Braconnot, Camille Contoux, Masa Kageyama, and Myriam Khodri

Short summary
We investigate how mid-Holocene dust reduction affects the Earth’s energetics from a suite of climate simulations. Our analyses confirm the peculiar role of the dust radiative effect over bright surfaces such as African deserts. We highlight a strong dependence on the dust pattern. The relative dust forcing between West Africa and the Middle East impacts the relative response of Indian and African monsoons and between the western tropical Atlantic and the Atlantic meridional circulation.