Articles | Volume 16, issue 4
Clim. Past, 16, 1429–1450, 2020

Special issue: Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project phase 4 (PMIP4)...

Clim. Past, 16, 1429–1450, 2020

Research article 06 Aug 2020

Research article | 06 Aug 2020

CMIP6/PMIP4 simulations of the mid-Holocene and Last Interglacial using HadGEM3: comparison to the pre-industrial era, previous model versions and proxy data

Charles J. R. Williams et al.

Data sets

Pollen-based continental climate reconstructions at 6 and 21 ka: a global synthesis P. J. Bartlein, S. P. Harrison, S. Brewer, S. Connor, B. A. S. Davis, K. Gajewski, J. Guiot, T. I. Harrison-Prentice, A., Henderson, O. Peyron, I. C. Prentice, M. Scholze, H. Seppa, B. Shuman, S. Sugita, R. S. Thompson, A. E. Viau, J. Williams, and H. Wu

Critical evaluation of climate syntheses to benchmark CMIP6/PMIP4 127 ka Last Interglacial simulations in the high-latitude regions E. Capron, A. Govin, R. Feng, B. L. Otto-Bliesner, and E. W. Wolff

Regional and global sea-surface temperatures during the last interglaciation ( J. S. Hoffman, P. U. Clark, A. C. Parnell, and F. He

Agreement between reconstructed and modeled boreal precipitation of the Last Interglacial ( P. Scussolini, P. Bakker, C. Guo, C. Stepanek, Q. Zhang, P. Braconnot, J. Cao, M.-V. Guarino, D. Coumou, M. Prange, P. J. Ward, H. Renssen, M. Kageyama, B. L. Otto-Bliesner, and J. C. J. H. Aerts

Short summary
Computer simulations of the geological past are an important tool to improve our understanding of climate change. We present results from two simulations using the latest version of the UK's climate model, the mid-Holocene (6000 years ago) and Last Interglacial (127 000 years ago). The simulations reproduce temperatures consistent with the pattern of incoming radiation. Model–data comparisons indicate that some regions (and some seasons) produce better matches to the data than others.