Articles | Volume 15, issue 3
Research article
04 Jun 2019
Research article |  | 04 Jun 2019

Ocean-driven millennial-scale variability of the Eurasian ice sheet during the last glacial period simulated with a hybrid ice-sheet–shelf model

Jorge Alvarez-Solas, Rubén Banderas, Alexander Robinson, and Marisa Montoya

Model code and software

Glacial Fennoscandian GRISLI-UCM simulations Jorge Alvarez-Solas

Short summary
The last glacial period was marked by the existence of of abrupt climatic changes; it is generally accepted that the presence of ice sheets played an important role in their occurrence. While an important effort has been made to investigate the dynamics and evolution of the Laurentide ice sheet during this period, the Eurasian ice sheet (EIS) has not received much attention. Here we investigate the response of the EIS to millennial-scale climate variability using a hybrid 3-D ice-sheet model.