Articles | Volume 15, issue 3
Research article
15 May 2019
Research article |  | 15 May 2019

Sensitivity to species selection indicates the effect of nuisance variables on marine microfossil transfer functions

Lukas Jonkers and Michal Kučera

Data sets

Compilation of planktonic foraminifera census counts in marine surface sediment samples (ForCenS) Michael Siccha and Michal Kucera

Planktonic foraminifera, stable isotope record and temperature reconstruction of sediment core MD95-2040 Lucia de Abreu, Nicholas J. Shackleton, Joachim Schönfeld, Michael A. Hall, and Mark R. Chapman

Distribution of planktic foraminifera of sediment core M35003-4 Matthias Hüls

Compilation of planktic Foraminifera census data, LGM from the Atlantic Ocean Michal Kucera, Mara Weinelt, Thorsten Kiefer, Uwe Pflaumann, Angela Hayes, Martin Weinelt, Min-Te Chen, Alan C. Mix, Timothy T. Barrows, Elsa Cortijo, Josette M. Duprat, Stephen Juggins, and Claire Waelbroeck

Short summary
Fossil plankton assemblages have been widely used to reconstruct SST. In such approaches, full taxonomic resolution is often used. We assess whether this is required for reliable reconstructions as some species may not respond to SST. We find that only a few species are needed for low reconstruction errors but that species selection has a pronounced effect on reconstructions. We suggest that the sensitivity of a reconstruction to species pruning can be used as a measure of its robustness.