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13 Feb 2019
Research article |  | 13 Feb 2019

China's historical record when searching for tropical cyclones corresponding to Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) shifts over the past 2 kyr

Huei-Fen Chen, Yen-Chu Liu, Chih-Wen Chiang, Xingqi Liu, Yu-Min Chou, and Hui-Juan Pan

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Subject: Climate Modelling | Archive: Historical Records | Timescale: Centennial-Decadal
Climatic and societal impacts in Scandinavia following the 536 and 540 CE volcanic double event
Evelien van Dijk, Ingar Mørkestøl Gundersen, Anna de Bode, Helge Høeg, Kjetil Loftsgarden, Frode Iversen, Claudia Timmreck, Johann Jungclaus, and Kirstin Krüger
Clim. Past, 19, 357–398,,, 2023
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A Bayesian approach to historical climatology for the Burgundian Low Countries in the 15th century
Chantal Camenisch, Fernando Jaume-Santero, Sam White, Qing Pei, Ralf Hand, Christian Rohr, and Stefan Brönnimann
Clim. Past, 18, 2449–2462,,, 2022
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Was there a volcanic-induced long-lasting cooling over the Northern Hemisphere in the mid-6th–7th century?
Evelien van Dijk, Johann Jungclaus, Stephan Lorenz, Claudia Timmreck, and Kirstin Krüger
Clim. Past, 18, 1601–1623,,, 2022
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A pseudoproxy assessment of why climate field reconstruction methods perform the way they do in time and space
Sooin Yun, Jason E. Smerdon, Bo Li, and Xianyang Zhang
Clim. Past, 17, 2583–2605,,, 2021
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On-line and off-line data assimilation in palaeoclimatology: a case study
A. Matsikaris, M. Widmann, and J. Jungclaus
Clim. Past, 11, 81–93,,, 2015
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Short summary
China’s historical typhoon data show that (1) the tracks of typhoons correspond to the north–southward migration of the Intertropical Convergence Zone and phase of the North Atlantic Oscillation, which show a nearly 30-year and a 60-year cycle during the Little Ice Age (LIA) and (2) paleotyphoons made landfall in mainland China 1 month earlier during the Medieval Warm Period than during the LIA.