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11 Sep 2018
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 11 Sep 2018

Wet avalanches: long-term evolution in the Western Alps under climate and human forcing

Laurent Fouinat, Pierre Sabatier, Fernand David, Xavier Montet, Philippe Schoeneich, Eric Chaumillon, Jérôme Poulenard, and Fabien Arnaud

Data sets

Extended age model, avalanche chronicle and pebble count of Lake Lauvitel sediments L. Fouinat, P. Sabatier, F. David, X. Montet, P. Schoeneich, E. Chaumillon, J. Poulenard, and F. Arnaud



Short summary
In the context of a warming climate, mountain environments are especially vulnerable to a change in the risk pattern. Our study focuses on the past evolution of wet avalanches, likely triggered by warmer temperatures destabilizing the snow cover. In the last 3300 years we observed an increase of wet avalanche occurrence related to human activities, intensifying pressure on forest cover, as well as favorable climate conditions such as warmer temperatures coinciding with retreating glacier phases.