Articles | Volume 13, issue 4
Research article
18 Apr 2017
Research article |  | 18 Apr 2017

δ13C decreases in the upper western South Atlantic during Heinrich Stadials 3 and 2

Marília C. Campos, Cristiano M. Chiessi, Ines Voigt, Alberto R. Piola, Henning Kuhnert, and Stefan Mulitza

Data sets

Age model, sedimentation rates and stable carbon isotopic rates of sediment core GeoB6212-1 M. C. Campos, C. M. Chiessi, I. Voigt, A. R. Piola, H. Kuhnert, and S. Mulitza

Short summary
Our new planktonic foraminiferal stable carbon isotopic data from the western South Atlantic show major decreases during abrupt climate change events of the last glacial. These anomalies are likely related to periods of a sluggish Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and increase (decrease) in atmospheric CO2 (stable carbon isotopic ratios). We hypothesize that strengthening of Southern Ocean deep-water ventilation and weakening of the biological pump are responsible for these decreases.