Articles | Volume 13, issue 10
Clim. Past, 13, 1355–1379, 2017
Clim. Past, 13, 1355–1379, 2017

Research article 13 Oct 2017

Research article | 13 Oct 2017

Climatic history of the northeastern United States during the past 3000 years

Jennifer R. Marlon et al.

Data sets

Climatic History of the Northeastern United States During the Past 3000 Years J. Marlon, N. Pederson, C. Nolan, S. Goring, B. Shuman, A. Robertson, R. Booth, P. Bartlein, M. Berke, M. Clifford, E. Cook, A. Dieffenbacher-Krall, M. Dietze, A. Hessl, J. Hubeny, S. Jackson, J. Marsicek, J. McLachlan, C. Mock, D. Moore, J. Nichols, D. Peteet, K. Schaefer, V. Trouet, C. Umbanhowar, J. Williams, and Z. Yu

Short summary
To improve our understanding of paleoclimate in the northeastern (NE) US, we compiled data from pollen, tree rings, lake levels, testate amoeba from bogs, and other proxies from the last 3000 years. The paleoclimate synthesis supports long-term cooling until the 1800s and reveals an abrupt transition from wet to dry conditions around 550–750  CE. Evidence suggests the region is now becoming warmer and wetter, but more calibrated data are needed, especially to capture multidecadal variability.