Articles | Volume 12, issue 8
Research article
17 Aug 2016
Research article |  | 17 Aug 2016

Mid-to-late Holocene temperature evolution and atmospheric dynamics over Europe in regional model simulations

Emmanuele Russo and Ulrich Cubasch

Data sets

The Climate of Europe during the Holocene: a gridded Pollen-based Reconstruction and its multi-proxy Evaluation ( A. Mauri, B. Davis, P. Collins, and J. Kaplan

Short summary
In this study we use a RCM for three different goals. Proposing a model configuration suitable for paleoclimate studies; evaluating the added value of a regional climate model for paleoclimate studies; investigating temperature evolution of the European continent during mid-to-late Holocene. Results suggest that the RCM seems to produce results in better agreement with reconstructions than its driving GCM. Simulated temperature evolution seems to be too sensitive to changes in insolation.