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Research article
11 May 2015
Research article |  | 11 May 2015

Northern Hemisphere control of deglacial vegetation changes in the Rufiji uplands (Tanzania)

I. Bouimetarhan, L. Dupont, H. Kuhlmann, J. Pätzold, M. Prange, E. Schefuß, and K. Zonneveld

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Short summary
This study has great paleoclimatic and paleoecological significance, as it deals with the poorly documented tropical SE African ecosystem during the last deglaciation. Changes in the Rufiji upland vegetation evidenced the response of the regional hydrologic system to high-latitude climatic fluctuations associated with ITCZ shifts, while changes in sensitive tropical salt marshes and mangrove communities in the Rufiji lowland evidenced the impact of sea level changes on the intertidal ecosystem.