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Research article
04 Dec 2013
Research article |  | 04 Dec 2013

Black shale deposition during Toarcian super-greenhouse driven by sea level

M. Hermoso, F. Minoletti, and P. Pellenard

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Parallel between the isotopic composition of coccolith calcite and carbon levels across Termination II: developing a new paleo-CO2 probe
Camille Godbillot, Fabrice Minoletti, Franck Bassinot, and Michaël Hermoso
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Short summary
The effect of salinity on the biogeochemistry of the coccolithophores with implications for coccolith-based isotopic proxies
Michaël Hermoso and Marceau Lecasble
Biogeosciences, 15, 6761–6772,,, 2018
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Vanishing coccolith vital effects with alleviated carbon limitation
M. Hermoso, I. Z. X. Chan, H. L. O. McClelland, A. M. C. Heureux, and R. E. M. Rickaby
Biogeosciences, 13, 301–312,,, 2016
Record of Early Toarcian carbon cycle perturbations in a nearshore environment: the Bascharage section (easternmost Paris Basin)
M. Hermoso, D. Delsate, F. Baudin, L. Le Callonnec, F. Minoletti, M. Renard, and A. Faber
Solid Earth, 5, 793–804,,, 2014

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