Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
Clim. Past, 8, 337–351, 2012
Clim. Past, 8, 337–351, 2012

Research article 27 Feb 2012

Research article | 27 Feb 2012

Precessional and half-precessional climate forcing of Mid-Devonian monsoon-like dynamics

D. De Vleeschouwer et al.

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Subject: Atmospheric Dynamics | Archive: Terrestrial Archives | Timescale: Pre-Cenozoic
Drastic shrinking of the Hadley circulation during the mid-Cretaceous Supergreenhouse
H. Hasegawa, R. Tada, X. Jiang, Y. Suganuma, S. Imsamut, P. Charusiri, N. Ichinnorov, and Y. Khand
Clim. Past, 8, 1323–1337,,, 2012

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