Articles | Volume 8, issue 5
Clim. Past, 8, 1447–1455, 2012

Special issue: Low oxygen in marine environments from the Cretaceous to the...

Clim. Past, 8, 1447–1455, 2012

Research article 20 Sep 2012

Research article | 20 Sep 2012

"OAE 3" – regional Atlantic organic carbon burial during the Coniacian–Santonian

M. Wagreich

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Subject: Carbon Cycle | Archive: Marine Archives | Timescale: Pre-Cenozoic
Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events prolonged by phosphorus cycle feedbacks
Sebastian Beil, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Ann Holbourn, Florian Scholz, Julian Oxmann, Klaus Wallmann, Janne Lorenzen, Mohamed Aquit, and El Hassane Chellai
Clim. Past, 16, 757–782,,, 2020
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Driving mechanisms of organic carbon burial in the Early Cretaceous South Atlantic Cape Basin (DSDP Site 361)
Wolf Dummann, Sebastian Steinig, Peter Hofmann, Matthias Lenz, Stephanie Kusch, Sascha Flögel, Jens Olaf Herrle, Christian Hallmann, Janet Rethemeyer, Haino Uwe Kasper, and Thomas Wagner
Clim. Past Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript accepted for CP
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Dynamic climate-driven controls on the deposition of the Kimmeridge Clay Formation in the Cleveland Basin, Yorkshire, UK
Elizabeth Atar, Christian März, Andrew C. Aplin, Olaf Dellwig, Liam G. Herringshaw, Violaine Lamoureux-Var, Melanie J. Leng, Bernhard Schnetger, and Thomas Wagner
Clim. Past, 15, 1581–1601,,, 2019
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Latest Permian carbonate carbon isotope variability traces heterogeneous organic carbon accumulation and authigenic carbonate formation
Martin Schobben, Sebastiaan van de Velde, Jana Gliwa, Lucyna Leda, Dieter Korn, Ulrich Struck, Clemens Vinzenz Ullmann, Vachik Hairapetian, Abbas Ghaderi, Christoph Korte, Robert J. Newton, Simon W. Poulton, and Paul B. Wignall
Clim. Past, 13, 1635–1659,,, 2017
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Water-mass evolution in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway of North America and equatorial Atlantic
James S. Eldrett, Paul Dodsworth, Steven C. Bergman, Milly Wright, and Daniel Minisini
Clim. Past, 13, 855–878,,, 2017
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