Articles | Volume 20, issue 2
Research article
09 Feb 2024
Research article |  | 09 Feb 2024

State-dependent impact of major volcanic eruptions observed in ice-core records of the last glacial period

Johannes Lohmann, Jiamei Lin, Bo M. Vinther, Sune O. Rasmussen, and Anders Svensson

Data sets

NEEM ice core High Resolution (0.05m) Water Isotope Ratios (18O/16O, 2H/1H) covering 8-129 ky b2k V. Gkinis et al.

Stable oxygen isotopes of ice core EDML EPICA Community Members

EPICA Dome C Ice Core 800KYr deuterium data and temperature estimates J. Jouzel and V. Masson-Delmotte

Stable Isotopes of Ice in the Transition and Glacial Sections of the WAIS Divide Deep Ice Core J. White et al.

WAIS Divide Ice-Core Aerosol Records from 1300 to 3404 m J. McConnell

GISP2 Ions: Deep (D) Core P. A. Mayewski

NOAA/WDS Paleoclimatology - EPICA Dome C 203,000 Year High-Resolution FIC Sulfate Data M. Severi et al.

High-resolution record of Northern Hemisphere climate extending into the last interglacial period ( NGRIP members

GISP2 Stable Isotopes J. White

Model code and software

Python code used in the analysis of the publication Lohmann et al. "State-dependent impact of major volcanic eruptions observed in ice-core records of the last glacial period" J. Lohmann

Short summary
We present the first attempt to constrain the climatic impact of volcanic eruptions with return periods of hundreds of years by the oxygen isotope records of Greenland and Antarctic ice cores covering the last glacial period. A clear multi-annual volcanic cooling signal is seen, but its absolute magnitude is subject to the unknown glacial sensitivity of the proxy. Different proxy signals after eruptions during cooler versus warmer glacial stages may reflect a state-dependent climate response.