Articles | Volume 18, issue 3
Research article
14 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 14 Mar 2022

Sea ice changes in the southwest Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean during the last 140 000 years

Jacob Jones, Karen E. Kohfeld, Helen Bostock, Xavier Crosta, Melanie Liston, Gavin Dunbar, Zanna Chase, Amy Leventer, Harris Anderson, and Geraldine Jacobsen

Data sets

Radiocabon, d18O, winter sea ice, and summer sea surface temperature estimates from sediment cores TAN1302-96 and SO136-111 J. Jones, K. E. Kohfeld, H. Bostock, X. Crosta, M. Liston, G. Dunbar, Z. Chase, A. Levente, H. Anderson, and G. Jacobsen

Short summary
We provide new winter sea ice and summer sea surface temperature estimates for marine core TAN1302-96 (59° S, 157° E) in the Southern Ocean. We find that sea ice was not consolidated over the core site until ~65 ka and therefore believe that sea ice may not have been a major contributor to early glacial CO2 drawdown. Sea ice does appear to have coincided with Antarctic Intermediate Water production and subduction, suggesting it may have influenced intermediate ocean circulation changes.