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Research article
24 Aug 2022
Research article |  | 24 Aug 2022

A 300 000-year record of cold-water coral mound build-up at the East Melilla Coral Province (SE Alboran Sea, western Mediterranean)

Robin Fentimen, Eline Feenstra, Andres Rüggeberg, Efraim Hall, Valentin Rime, Torsten Vennemann, Irka Hajdas, Antonietta Rosso, David Van Rooij, Thierry Adatte, Hendrik Vogel, Norbert Frank, and Anneleen Foubert

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Animal burrowing at cold seep ecotones boosts productivity by linking macromolecule turnover with chemosynthesis and nutrient cycling
Maxim Rubin-Blum, Eyal Rahav, Guy Sisma-Ventura, Yana Yudkovski, Zoya Harbozov, Or Bialik, Oded Ezra, Anneleen Foubert, Barak Herut, and Yizhaq Makovsky
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO) and its imprint in the continental Escanilla Formation, Spain
Nikhil Sharma, Jorge E. Spangenberg, Thierry Adatte, Torsten Vennemann, László Kocsis, Jean Vérité, Luis Valero, and Sébastien Castelltort
Clim. Past, 20, 935–949,,, 2024
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Late Pleistocene to Holocene event stratigraphy of Lake Hallstatt (Salzkammergut, Austria): revealed by the Hipercorig drilling system and borehole logging
Marcel Ortler, Achim Brauer, Stefano C. Fabbri, Jean Nicolas Haas, Irka Hajdas, Kerstin Kowarik, Jochem Kueck, Hans Reschreiter, and Michael Strasser
Sci. Dril., 33, 1–19,,, 2024
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Origin and role of non-skeletal carbonate in coralligenous build-ups: new geobiological perspectives in biomineralization processes
Mara Cipriani, Carmine Apollaro, Daniela Basso, Pietro Bazzicalupo, Marco Bertolino, Valentina Alice Bracchi, Fabio Bruno, Gabriele Costa, Rocco Dominici, Alessandro Gallo, Maurizio Muzzupappa, Antonietta Rosso, Rossana Sanfilippo, Francesco Sciuto, Giovanni Vespasiano, and Adriano Guido
Biogeosciences, 21, 49–72,,, 2024
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Clim. Past Discuss.,,, 2024
Revised manuscript accepted for CP
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Secular and orbital-scale variability of equatorial Indian Ocean summer monsoon winds during the late Miocene
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Clim. Past, 18, 713–738,,, 2022
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The East Asian winter monsoon variability in response to precession during the past 150 000 yr
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The investigation of a 9 m long sediment core recovered at ca. 300 m water depth demonstrates that cold-water coral mound build-up within the East Melilla Coral Province (southeastern Alboran Sea) took place during both interglacial and glacial periods. Based on the combination of different analytical methods (e.g. radiometric dating, micropaleontology), we propose that corals never thrived but rather developed under stressful environmental conditions.