Articles | Volume 16, issue 1
Research article
09 Jan 2020
Research article |  | 09 Jan 2020

Joint inversion of proxy system models to reconstruct paleoenvironmental time series from heterogeneous data

Gabriel J. Bowen, Brenden Fischer-Femal, Gert-Jan Reichart, Appy Sluijs, and Caroline H. Lear

Model code and software

SPATIAL-Lab/JPI_marine: CoP accepted (Version v1.1.1) Gabriel J. Bowen

Short summary
Past climate conditions are reconstructed using indirect and incomplete geological, biological, and geochemical proxy data. We propose that such reconstructions are best obtained by statistical inversion of hierarchical models that represent how multi–proxy observations and calibration data are produced by variation of environmental conditions in time and/or space. These methods extract new information from traditional proxies and provide robust, comprehensive estimates of uncertainty.