Articles | Volume 13, issue 10
Clim. Past, 13, 1403–1433, 2017

Special issue: Climate of the past 2000 years: regional and trans-regional...

Clim. Past, 13, 1403–1433, 2017

Research article 26 Oct 2017

Research article | 26 Oct 2017

Low-resolution Australasian palaeoclimate records of the last 2000 years

Bronwyn C. Dixon et al.

Data sets

Originally published and bacon-derived recalibrated age–depth models NOAA

Short summary
Existing sedimentary palaeoclimate records in Australasia were assessed for suitability for examining the last 2 millennia. A small number of high-quality records were identified, and new Bayesian age models were constructed for each record. Findings suggest that Australasian record chronologies and confidence in proxy–climate relationships are the main factors limiting appropriate data for examining Common Era climate variability. Recommendations for improving data accessibility are provided.