Articles | Volume 13, issue 9
Research article
22 Sep 2017
Research article |  | 22 Sep 2017

Atmospheric methane control mechanisms during the early Holocene

Ji-Woong Yang, Jinho Ahn, Edward J. Brook, and Yeongjun Ryu

Data sets

Early Holocene methane records from Siple Dome, Antarctica J. Ahn and J.-W. Yang

Short summary
The early Holocene climate is characterized as an interglacial boundary condition without substantial human influence. Here we present a high-resolution CH4 record covering the early Holocene. The results show that abrupt cooling in Greenland and southward migration of ITCZ were able to induce an ~20 ppb CH4 decrease on a millennial timescale. The inter-polar difference exhibits a gradual increase during the early Holocene, implying the strengthening of northern extratropical emission.